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About Visit Sweden

The marketing company Visit Sweden has the official and national assignment from the Swedish government to promote Sweden as a tourist destination, to create long-term economic growth for the Swedish tourism- and hospitality industry and Sweden at large.
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The company Visit Sweden

Visit Sweden, with its head office in Stockholm, is a state-owned limited company with 50 employees located in several foreign countries, considered as important to Swedish export and hospitality industry.

Visit Sweden is nor a tourist information center or an official Swedish authority.

Visit Sweden works with sustainability integrated into the entire operation to give increased power to the marketing and promotion of Sweden as a travel destination.

Our marketing and our national and international collaborations contribute to income and employment for Sweden as a nation.

Through brand management, marketing and promotion, knowledge sharing to the Swedish hospitality industry about international target groups, markets and marketing as well as national and international collaborations, Visit Sweden contribute to increased consumer interest of the destination Sweden, mainly among travelers who demand more sustainable alternatives.

Visit Sweden also contribute to more travelers being able to make informed choices during their stay, which creates value for the Swedish hospitality industry and society at large.

Marketing and promotion of the destination Sweden

Brand management

Visit Sweden cater and coordinate the national brand management regarding Sweden as a tourist destinaton, to increase the use of a common brand and clear promotion of Sweden as a tourist destionation.

Direct to consumers

Visit Sweden´s international PR and press management is a corner stone in the company´s promotional strategy.

Visit Sweden also run international marketing campaigns to ensure that Sweden, as an attractive and sustainable destination, generates interest among relevant target audiences.

Via a palette of social media platforms and social channels, in multiple languageges, Visit Sweden promote the destination Sweden daily.

Via the Swedish hospitality industry

Visit Sweden provide free of charge, high quality insights and facts on key target groups, markets and marketing to the Swedish tourism- and hospitality industry stakeholders for them to use to improve their own international marketing.

Visit Sweden also offer marketing activities, both business to business and business to consumers, such as participation at travel fairs, matchmaking events, road shows and visibility in various on-line platforms.

Via international tour operators and travel agents

Visit Sweden activly promote Sweden as a destination to international tour operators and travel agents to increase their interest in Sweden as a potential destination to offer their customers.

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