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Visit Sweden promotes Sweden as a destination

Sweden has so much to offer visitors – beautiful, vibrant cities, stunning varied countryside and a huge range of experiences and activities, both in nature and culturally: in design, food, history, traditions and lifestyle. Visit Sweden promotes Sweden in order to attract more visitors from abroad to discover our fantastic country, on behalf of our co-owners, the Swedish state and Swedish tourism industry.

Visit Sweden is Sweden’s National Tourism Organisation – it promotes the destination and Sweden brand to attract more foreign visitors, on short as well as long term. More visitors and longer visits mean business for the Swedish tourism industry, economic growth and increased employment throughout Sweden.

Sweden – a destination for our times

Sweden is a little bit different as a destination, and many tourists want to know more about our way of life, in balance with nature. Sweden as a country scores high marks in a range of international rankings in terms of the environment, business, society and tourism. In the global Good Country Index, which measures countries’ contribution to their environment, Sweden ranks fourth of 153 countries (2018). And it is first of 55 countries on the Reputation Institute’s Country Rep Trak 2018. When asked what they most associate Sweden with, international travellers reply ”a beautiful country”. Unique unspoilt nature, accessible to all, openness, freedom and sustainability are ranked almost equally high. Compared with our Scandinavian neighbours, Sweden is more readily associated with words like ”modern”, “forward-thinking” and “progressive”, as well as with new technology and innovation, literature and film, music and fashion.

What we do

Every year, we run marketing campaigns, ensure Sweden is visible in social media channels, co-operate with tour operators and seek to inspire foreign media to feature Sweden as a travel destination. We follow up by measuring reach, engagement and our target market’s stated preference for Sweden.

We take two different approaches in our mission to get more foreign tourists to consider Sweden as a holiday destination. We aim to strengthen the image of Sweden in general and, in addition, to promote Swedish destinations and experiences in order to convert interest into bookings.

Owned by the Swedish state

From 2020, we are owned by the Swedish state (previously 50% by the state and 50% by the Swedish tourism industry). The State pays for our offices and staff and for image-marketing of Sweden, as well as funding special campaigns to promote nature, food and design tourism. Regional tourist organisations, destinations, commercial tourism companies and other partners within and outside the tourism industry fund their own participation in joint promotions of Sweden. The assignment Visit Sweden has been given is to create economic growth in the long-term - our marketing efforts should aim to contribute positively in economic, social and environmental terms.

A target group of experienced and curious travellers

Visit Sweden has chosen a target group, which we call the Global Traveller – and it is to this audience we address our marketing campaigns. The target group consists of experienced travellers eager to try new destinations and new experiences. They take more trips abroad than average, have a higher income and education and are more likely to live in cities. We have split our target group into three segments with differing motivations for holidaying in Sweden: Curious Travellers, Outdoor Enthusiasts and Holiday Hedonists.

We operate globally

Visit Sweden has its own offices or representation in seven countries. We follow cultural trends and current affairs in the respective markets, as well as keeping close track on what motivates and attracts potential travellers. We run campaigns which are tailor-made to individual markets as well as cross-market campaigns designed to create greater international awareness for Sweden.

Visit Sweden has offices in Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, USA and China. The Indian market is handled from Stockholm and via the Scandinavian Tourist Board in New Delhi.

Sweden’s huge potential

Millions of people around the world are interested in travelling to Sweden on holiday. There are large numbers of travellers who dream of travelling to Sweden in the USA and Germany, but also in the UK, Netherlands, France and China. In the neighbouring markets of Norway and Denmark, there is a strong desire to discover new holiday gems and new experiences in different parts of Sweden. And the Indian market, with its huge potential, has recently begun to discover Europe in greater numbers.

A Visit Sweden analysis of our target market in 7 countries showed that some 67 million people are planning to travel to Sweden within a near future.

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